Peter Pan: a Classic Come Back



the cover of the New Peter Pan movie made by Daisy

Vicente Roque Lopez, Staff Writer

Peter Pan is a classic movie. Like many of the other classic Disney films, it’s getting a live-action reboot. Peter Pan & Wendy is about a girl named Wendy, a young girl trying to avoid boarding school, who meets a boy named Peter Pan and a girl named Tinker Bell. With only one trailer out, the movie might just do well and live up to the original film. 

In the Peter Pan & Wendy trailer, we do see not a lot of things, but what we do get to see are some differences like the Lost Boys in the original movie were all boys, but now there are boys and girls. We also see Tinker Bell who originally was a white blond woman and now is an African-American woman. There are most likely more differences, but we will most likely see them in the movie. Also, we see some iconic scenes from the original movie showcased in the trailer as well.

Everyone who watched the original movie remembers the scene of Peter, Wendy, and her brother jumping off the clock tower. We get to see this in the trailer and it looks pretty good and so does the rest of the trailer. In one of the scenes, viewers see a ship get out of the water and start flying in the sky and it’s visually appealing. We can’t say much about how the characters act, but you can be sure of one thing: the movie will have amazing visuals.

Hopefully, this film lives up to the original movie or maybe surpasses it. Will it be a flop or will it surpass our expectation? In the end, we can’t say much about the movie, but it might just be a good move for the parents to take their kids to see and experience.