The Evolution of Technology and Becoming Closer to our Dreams


Dominic Fightmaster, Editor

Technology is quite possibly one of the greatest things humankind has made. It is now a major part in all our lives. We get the news, weather, games, and the ability to take pictures on a small device that we can keep in our pockets. We can’t go anywhere without them. Things have changed over the decades and they are only becoming more advanced and more important. Before we had phones people would carry around a box and you would have to wait for the image to develop, which would take a long time. The first iphone was announced on January 9, 2007 and the first cell phone was made in 1981. Facial recognition is in airports, but the flaws they have are still not solved such as not scanning people of color and misidentifying people. Though they are having problems, technology still presses on to be more advanced and make life more like a dream.

Everyone should know the movie Back to The Future: Part 2 and how the director thought 2015 would look. The movie was released on November 22, 1989. It looked pretty different from what we actually got. We still have a long way to go before we get some of the things they had in the movie. We do have self-tying shoes made by Nike and they cost around $720. We all dream of having a flying car, but sadly we don’t have them yet. It might be hard to think about, but not many people had the internet when it was first created.

The future is something we all think about from time to time. We like to think of all the cool new tech we might have. Clothes that automatically change their size to fit your body. Contacts that act like an overlay that show the time, the weather, and the location you’r going. These are all items we may have in the decades to come. Some technology may be updated and look completely different or tech that is added to the human body to make the body faster, stronger, smarter. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be improved and have androids walking around with us and helping us take care of kids, cook food, and bring in groceries. Some people worry that they are going to be to smart and take over the world. That’s just a an unfounded fear.

The future of technology and how it is improved is in the hands of humanity. It could be positive or negative. Technology is one of the most important things in our lives now and we can’t go an hour without it. The growth of technology and its availability is amazing to see. Phones continue to shrink in size and grow in power. The birth of the World Wide¬†Web made finding information more quick and accessible to all. Looking back on how we have improved technology shows how far we have come as humans. As we continue to grow, technology will follow and improve.