Popular Resolutions


Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

As the new year comes around, we reflect on the year and attempt to come up with new things we want to work on for the upcoming year. Most stick with the basic ones but even these seem to always fall through.  One of the most common resolutions seem to affect feeling better mentally.  Most people, even if the resolution is a basic normal one, come up with ideas that all revolve around attaining better mental health.

Mental health is always something we need to work on, no matter who we may be. Mental health affects our brains and our actions every day. We get trapped by negative feelings and feel as if we are unable to do anything. So working on improving mindset, can help you throughout this new year. Many New Year’s Resolutions consist of exercise, dieting, and getting more rest. These resolutions go with mental health because it’s helping them, as a person, get better and help themselves. Mental health-related resolutions are very normal because they seem to encompass all other resolutions in some way.

I myself have made a mental health-related resolution and am choosing to focus on myself and my well being, specifically my depression and anxiety. I want to make sure it will not affect my life as much. In 2018, I let it control me to the point I always broke down. I felt tired of harming myself with these bottled emotions and for this new year, I want to let them out. I want to make sure I’ll be okay, no matter what my mental state because mental states can be temporary. I need to learn to comfort myself and help keep myself sane and in place. I feel this is something we all need to focus on, even if you have great mental stability. You are the most important thing to focus on. You could make 2019 your year and make it truly amazing.