New Year’s Resolution- Eat More Healthy


Patricia Jones , Editor

New Year’s resolutions are an amazing way to start the new year. Many people think of it as a new beginning.  There are lots of good and easy new year’s resolutions such as losing weight, taking better care of yourself, and many more.  Lots of people fail to keep their resolutions but fortunately, there are people who succeed. The key is to remember that even if you fail at first, a resolution can be remade at any time.

As it’s the beginning of a new year, many people are planning their resolutions. Thirty-one percent of people have made their resolution to eat more healthily for many reasons. Some people resolve to eat more healthily to lose weight, get off medicines, fix a health problem and mothers often want to be a better influence on their kids. Regardless of motivation, most people don’t keep this resolution.  An overwhelming forty-one percent of people admitted that they broke their resolution. This resolution lasts only about a month. This resolution is picked a lot by people, mainly by adult women because they want to have a better appearance, along with other reasons. This resolution is typically picked in the US. Lots of people need a lot of motivation to keep this resolution going. This goal is especially hard because there are many many different foods that taste delicious. Also, many people and commercials strive to get people to buy their products.

At the end of the year, people who meet their goal are extremely happy with what they have done and the results. While  this resolution is hard to keep, it is definitely worth it. All of the people that have succeeded this resolution have been very happy with what they have done and the journey they have taken to get where they are today.