The gaps in our stalls.


Kaitlyn Rison, Staff Writer

Have you ever found yourself in a public place needing to use the restroom?  If so you’ve probably experienced “the gap”. Why is the gap there though? Could it be due to America’s drug problem, having a gap there would make the stalls somewhere not as secretive for people to do whatever drug they can’t do in public? Or could it simply be there to help air out the stalls after someone uses it? Maybe it’s there so people can see in and know if someone is occupying the stall? Or does the unusually large gaps make the stalls easier to clean? There are many what-ifs to this annoying situation and all of them seem valid enough to be true. Upon doing some research I found that only America and Canada have gaps in their stall doors. No one from either place can validate any of the assumptions to why our stalls have the dreaded gap. All we can hope for is to have whoever designed our stalls to consider fixing the said gap. At least us Americans can be thankful we don’t have to use those strange Japanese squat toilets.