Abigail Estrada, news reporter

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It seems as if every month there is something going on in the music industry, whether or not it is a new song or a new award show. The award show that was this month was the BBMAS, aka the Billboard Music Awards. This year’s show had so many incredible artists who had performed and won. The red carpet was exciting for everyone expressly the fans who couldn’t wait to see what their favs wore. The live stream of this was exclusively on Twitter and fans were ecstatic, many celebrities, musical or not showed up. Some of the people who showed up were James Charles, Patrick star, and so many others.

Everyone was ecstatic to watch and to see the amazing show that started off with Taylor Swift who performed her new single ME! with Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco. They opened up the show with a very bright and colorful performance with amazing choreography. This year’s host was none other than Kelly Clarkson, who did amazing interacting and keeping the audience entertained throughout the whole show. Performances such as BTS, Halsey, Ariana Grande, Panic! At the Disco, and etc. Many people did not only perform but won awards as well. Mariah Carey was anticipated the whole night because she would be performing a melody of her hits and accepting the “icon award”. Everyone felt it was fitting for her because she has been in this industry for years on end and she never fails to impress. Another anticipated act was Madonna who performed her song “Medellin” during the show. Everyone was also excited about this performance because, well, it’s Madonna. Personally, the performance and awards I was looking most forward to was the opening with Taylor and Brendon, they did an amazing job getting such amazing vibes out and showing the best stage presence. Another anticipated act was the Jonas Brothers, who did a wonderful job with the melody they did. They did a melody including all of their own solo songs and wrapped it up with their new song “Sucker”. Lastly, my other favorite performance was no other than Panic! At the Disco’s which performed the newest single “Hey Look Ma I Made it” even though I might be a little biased on that performance because I love him, the band still executed a wonderful performance that brought me to tears after they showed how happy his parents were in the crowd. Other than that I thought the awards were very enjoyable and I can’t wait till next years.