Becoming a Colonelette


Behind the scenes of the dance team photo shoot.

Abigail Bezeau, Staff Reporter

What makes a Colonelette?  We all know who they are and what they do. They always have a great smile and personality while performing at games. They entertain at football games, get us excited about the cheers and always show team spirit. Beyond what we see, there is not much we know about the BCHS dance team. Some of the team members have spoken up to provide a little more information on what it is really like to be a Bourbon County Colonelette. 

The audition process to become a Colonelette is fairly simple, according to a team member, Rachel Graves. They spend two days of the audition process learning the fight song, as well as the basics of dance, such as turns, jumps, etc. On the third day of the audition process, they audition, applying the things they learned over the past few days. Molly Arnold, one of the newest additions to the team, said she decided to audition because she loves to dance and knew it would be a great time. Looking ahead, she is excited to make more friends through the competitions, as well as compete. 

After they make the team, they have practices every Monday and Thursday from 3:45 to 5:30, working hard to perfect their dances. They work on learning new dances and cheers for the upcoming year. Members of the team “love entertaining people”, and have a great time doing it. As mentioned before, students have their own idea of what the Colonelettes do, but what do they say they do? Dance team captain, Rachel Graves, says, “As one of the captains, I lead the team. I make sure the team knows the dances, and I teach some dances here and there.” Overall, the members and coaches main goal are to “entertain and have fun.” You can catch your Colonelettes performing at football games, basketball games, as well as pep rallies. Everyone on the dance team is excited to make new friends, as well as compete in the upcoming year.