What The iPhone 11 Has In Store For Us


Image of the iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro max.

Dominic Fightmaster, Tech Writer

As you may have heard Apple has announced the new iPhone, the iPhone 11. You may be wondering how much the iPhone’s cost; The normal one costs around $699, the iPhone 11 Pro costs $999, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max $1,099. The phone has an interesting feature they call the slofie, but we will touch on that later. All versions of the phone have bilateral wireless charging, which allows your phone to charge other devices on their own. All the phones are powered by the A 13 processor, which is new. 

Let’s get into the specs of each version of the phone. The normal version of the iPhone has a battery life of 3,110 mAh (milliamp hour). The normal storage capacity is 64GB and can be upgraded to 256GB, and 512GB. It is splash, water, and dust resistant and has 4GB of RAM. It has a 12Mp front camera and dual 12 Mp rear camera. The cameras have a zoom feature that can be activated manually or by turning the phone horizontally. 

The pro has 128GB of space starting out and can be upgraded to 256GB or 512GB. It has a battery life of 3,190 mAh and has 6GB of RAM. The pro has the same front-facing camera but a triple 12 Mp rear camera. One of the many questions asked is should there be 3 rear cameras on the phone. The pro max has some of the same things as the pro but has a battery life of 3,500 mAh. The phones also make it harder for apps to access your information without your consent.

As mentioned earlier, the iPhones have a feature called the slofie. This feature is on the front-facing camera and allows you to record a video of yourself in slow motion. Some believe that it is pointless to have slofie. The front-facing camera is capable of recording 120 frames per second. The slow-motion feature was introduced with the iPhone 5. I believe that it is an interesting feature, but it is not needed, as they already have a slow-motion for the rear camera. You could just get a friend to get close to your face and just record a slow-motion video of you. 

Now for the main question, should you get the iPhone 11? The iPhone 11 has a better processor than the iPhone X, and the pro has a better battery life than the X. Though both have similar camera specs, aside from the fact that the 11 pro has 3 rear cameras. I say you should get the pro because it cost less than the pro max, and has the same features. If you are looking to get the phone because you want a better camera, then I would keep the X. In general, I would get the pro as it is a lot better and it has a processor. So the new iPhone has brought some cool features to the phone, though some are not really needed. So to simplify the answer to the question: should you get the new iPhone 11? Yes, you should,  but go for the iPhone 11 pro.