Netherlands and America


Solenn, Writer

America is a great and beautiful country with a lot of nature and places. Compared to the Netherlands, everything in America is bigger like supermarkets, schools and even cars. Also, the culture and the way of living is different. For example, it is normal here to come to school in pajamas. In the Netherlands you don’t come to school in your pajamas.

Food is not really different. We have the same vegetables and fruits. The brands are just different. However, snacks and some fast food restaurants are different. In the Netherlands we do not have reese’s or swedish fish. Fast food restaurants like Mcdonald’s are all over the world, but restaurants like Wendy’s or Taco Bell are not.

The age of legally driving and drinking are different. Driving here is 16 years old and in the Netherlands it is 18 years old, but legally drinking alcohol is 18 in the Netherlands and here it is 21 years old. 

The schools are also different. There are a lot of school sports and if you want to do a sport in the Netherlands you have to do it out of school like at a sports club. American schools are also bigger. The school I went to in the Netherlands was big, but when I came here Bourbon County High School is way bigger. In America you have dress codes. In the Netherlands we don’t have dress codes. You can where whatever you want. Sometimes, if it was too short or something shows too much, they say something about it. It just depends per school. 

American people have a different way of living. The Dutch people are more direct, a lot of people think that is rude. Dutch people are taller too. 

The biggest difference is the way of living, especially if you live in the countryside because everything in the Netherlands is crowded and busy. The Dutch way of living is probably the closest to the way of living of Americans than other European countries, but there are still so many differences.