NBA Youngboy AI Youngboy 2: Is It Worth the Listen?


previews the cover art and some of the songs on the album

Patricia Jones , Editor

  On October 10th, 2019 rapper Youngboy Never Broke Again (NBA Youngboy) dropped his new album AI Youngboy 2. This album is the sequel to his mixtape from 2017, AI Youngboy. The album consists of 18 tracks. Al Youngboy 2 goes after the two-track effort The Continuance, which dropped over a month ago. Also, this is YoungBoy’s first full project since his tape in 2018, Realer. Some hit songs from his album are Make No Sense, Lonely Child, Hot Now, Ranada, Self Control, and Gang S**t. 

     All together, the students that were interviewed liked the album. When being asked, “ What do you like about NBA Youngboy’s new album?” Sophomore Cheyenne Heflin said, “ I think it is great. It is very good.” Sophomore Nicole Arellano said, “ It is really good and I like it.” Senior Amirion Joyce said, “ I think it is pretty good. It’s not his best album but it is one of his good albums.” Freshman Theo Jones said, “ His new album is good and it is one of my favorite albums by him.” Administrator Lamont Campbell said, “I think it’s a different album than what’s out musically right now. I think it is a very up-tempo, very real album. As you can see, many people like Youngboy’s new album. 

     When being asked a general question about the whole album ( Favorite songs, least songs, etc.) everyone had a different opinion. Sophomore Mahayla Conner said, “I think his album is really good, and I think it is better than all of the other ones he has made. My favorite song is Hot Now. I think NBA Youngboy is talented. I listen to his album at least once a day. I don’t have a least favorite song. Senior Amirion Joyce said, “ My favorite song is Free Time. I think his sales will probably get somewhere around two million. I think Youngboy is pretty cool, he has good music cause he raps about what he’s been through. I’m listening to the album right now. My least favorite song is Slime Mentality.” Administrator Lamont Campbell said, “I don’t have a favorite song yet. He is already number one so I think he’ll stick to that for about two to three weeks. I think he is talented, misunderstood but I think he’s real. I listen to it a lot of the times on the ride back to Lexington from practice. I don’t have a least favorite, I’ll have a favorite before a least favorite.” Lots of people love NBA Youngboy and his music. Youngboy’s new album is streaming on all platforms!