Key Club’s Toy Drive


Hannah Edwards, Staff Writer

Wyatt Wagon’s is another project Key Club takes part in. Most of you have probably heard of his story but when Wyatt was much younger he was diagnosed with undifferential sarcoma which is a rare form of cancer. He always wanted to see people smile so he and his family started up Wyatt’s Wagon. Key Club announced an official start date, but we will set up a collection box in the lobby. We are asking for donations of toys or other items that we can bring up to the UK’s Children’s Hospital. 

If you want to donate when we start this up, make sure the product is new and in its original packages. There are some items that they cannot accept; used stuffed animals, books, or coloring items.  Flowers or live plants, edible items latex balloons, candles, sharp instruments or harmful objects, mature-rated games, mature-rated movies and any items with religious sayings, symbols, etc. are not accepted.

Again if you want to donate for infants and toddlers there is a very high need for the following, stacking toys, shape sorters, wooden puzzles, musical toysc rattles, shakers,  teethers stuffed animals without plastic eyes or pieces, sensory books, infant mirrors and light up toys. For preschool-aged children they are looking for: Hot Wheels, matchbox cars, tracks, Disney character items, baby dolls (all ethnicities), Play-Doh/Play-Doh kitsc wooden puzzles, Fisher-Price toys, tea sets, play food and pretend play kits (tools, music, medical, etc.).

Keeping with the same pattern for school-aged children they are looking for board games such as  Life, Monopoly, BattleShip, etc.,card games like Uno, Skip-Bo, Phase Ten, etc., Lego kits like Star Wars, Superhero, Friends, Elves, City, etc.,craft sets, kits, wooden objects to paint and nonviolent action figures/superheroes, Barbie dolls, baby dolls (hard-bodied for cleaning purposes), and Nerf toys and remote-controlled toys/cars.  

Donating for the teens list is a high need at the moment. They are looking for journals, notebooks, board games, puzzle books, nail polish, makeup, bath lotions, jewelry, CD players, MP3 players with headphones, speakers, Complex lego kits, craft kits, and Sport team items like clothing, hats, etc.

In their playroom/child life department, they are looking for mini bubbles, squeeze balls, Play-Doh, and craft kits, art supplies like paint brushes, coloring books, crayons, markers, and colored pencils. They are also seeking dvd movies that are popular cartoons and ratings of G, PG, & PG-13. Then lastly gift cards to Meijer, Wal-mart, and Amazon would also be appreciated so the workers themselves can get certain items.