New year, new me? Or new me for a month

abigail estrada, Social Writer

Ah the new year… it’s a time where everyone celebrates a new beginning of joy and happiness or they get a membership to a gym. It seems though that in about a month all of that will go away.  The new excitement for the new year will go away and everything will be like it was the past year beforehand. How come this happens though? How come we get so excited just to trash it off in a few weeks? We don’t make it to the gym like we want because of jobs or school. We don’t diet because we have a cheat day one day and that ends up being the rest of the year.  It seems like we as humans just can’t be consistent. It’s human nature that we always seem to not stick to something, which is normal. It’s normal to lose interest in something and drop it because it seems like that’s just the easy way out, but what can we do to stop this and actually live up to our resolutions?

Step one would probably be the most self-explanatory, to actually fulfill the resolution, go out and actually do what you wanted. Maybe it’s going to the gym, or handling your emotions more. There are so many healthy ways to just get to it and do it. Step two is to probably plan out everything you want to accomplish in the new year  Maybe it’s getting more into art, or journaling like I am doing for example. I wanted to focus more on my feelings, as I have a hard time doing that, and focusing on myself and how I am doing. So I picked up journaling and so far it has been going pretty well. I seem to forget it some days, but I have been getting better at remembering to do it. It has helped me in a lot of ways. I haven’t been as emotional or feeling over-pressured, and to me, that is an accomplishment.

Lastly, just monitor it. It is never too late to start something new or end a bad habit. Getting closer to being a new you any time of the year is always beneficial.  So if you feel as if you are upset about not being able to fulfill your resolution, or feel it is too late to start a new one throughout the year, don’t be discouraged, and always remember being a better you has no set time!