Coronavirus Confirmed in Lexington

Yes, you read that headline correctly; there has been a confirmed case of the deadly Coronavirus in Lexington, KY as of Friday night. The person infected is a resident of Harrison County, and details of how the individual has contracted the virus have not been released yet; as it was just confirmed yesterday evening. Beshears has declared a “state of emergency” throughout Lexington, as well as through the nearby areas. As of March 8th, there have been two more confirmed cases in Harrison County and Lousiville.

Since the virus has arrived in Kentucky, there have been at least three other cases confirmed within this past week. Georgetown College has advised ts students, who are currently on spring break, against returning to campus for another two weeks. Harrison County schools have also been closed due to the outbreak in their area, the schools have closed for two weeks. UK College has closed, and Burea College has abruptly ended its semester; there will be no graduation ceremony for the graduates until the city deems it safe to have large social gatherings.

There is no known cure for the Coronavirus just yet, however, it is strongly recommended that you maintain good hygiene; due to how rapidly the virus is spreading, physical contact will only worsen the situation. Be sure to take proper care of yourself, keep your hands clean, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on you, or perhaps a packet of wet wipes to help you get rid of any germs throughout your day. Due to the severity of the Coronavirus, many schools across the nation have shut down as well; they are even going to hold March Madness without fans, which defeats the “madness.”

Although this is a new virus and many have been affected by it, some have even been killed due to it; there are people who have survived it. Approximately 400 people have had confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and were able to fight it off without losing their lives in the process.