Coronavirus Takes Over the World

Rose O'brien, Staff Writer

As many of you all know Coronavirus started out in China. As the months have passed, the virus has spread all across the globe infecting and killing people. There are multiple restrictions for different countries.

Northern Italy has been put in a lock down. There have been dozens of deaths in Italy and most schools are on lock down. People are in quarantine, no one is seen on the streets or popular places to visit in Northern Italy have been shut down. The lock down is affecting nearly 15 million people, while other regions are facing travel restrictions to  areas in Northern Italy. More than 7300 cases and 366 deaths have been confirmed in Italy. 

In France, the number of cases have increased in the past days. There are at least 1100 cases with about 19 deaths. Europe’s cases continue to grow. Germany and Spain confirm more and more cases everyday. 

South-Korea has had a growing number of Coronavirus cases. There are at least 248 new cases, bringing the national total up to a 7382. The national toll death rate is up to a 71 in South-Korea.
While South-Korea remains one of the worst outbreaks in the world, the hopes are raising that the virus might be in control in a few weeks. In neighboring North-Korea no cases have been confirmed yet. North-Korea has been warned about the virus and that there might be an outbreak soon. 

In the US almost 500 cases have been confirmed, along with 19 deaths. The worst outbreaks are in New York and California, where the cruise ship was stuck off the coast for several days. Multiple governors have declared states of emergency in their territories, as cases were reported across the US, including in Washington DC. Two of Trump’s key methods for encouraging his supporters have been affected by the virus: a booming stock market and mass rallies. He has sought to blame the downturn in the markets on the opposition Democrats’ prolonged primary process, though few experts agree with this analysis, and so far has not canceled any rallies, even as health officials warned people to avoid large crowds.