Town and Village VS COVID-19


One of our apprentice students taking an online tap class.

Abigail Bezeau , Student Reporter

I am sure that everyone has heard about the coronavirus whether it be at school, on the news, or it has affected you directly. Due to the coronavirus, everything that puts people together has been shut down or postponed. This includes schools being closed, sporting events being canceled, and moving all kinds of classes and meetings online. Town and Village have decided to move everything online instead of canceling rehearsals all together. Along with many other companies and schools, Town and Village is using an app called zoom. 

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that has become very popular due to the circumstances everyone is facing right now.  While using zoom you can record your session and allow for people who may have missed the meeting to go back and watch what they missed. This is very helpful and allows people to still go about their days like it is semi-normal. Zoom also gives you the option to allow people to see your video or do the video chat without a camera. This is helpful for people who are camera shy or just don’t like being on camera. There used to be a time limit for how long your meetings can be but since becoming such a necessity, the company removed the time constraints. 

Town and Village have classes starting at 11 am 5:40 in the evening. In order to fit all their classes during this time, we alternate classes every day. You might have a ballet class on Monday and Wednesday, and then a jazz class Tuesday and Thursday. There is a lunch break provided for the dancers and instructors from 12-1 to eat and relax for a minute. On Fridays, the only class that is in session is the Hip Hop classes. This is an elective class so not everyone is in it. Saturdays are similar with only honor company classes and musical theatre classes being provided this day. Although the time constraints, classes will remain forty minutes. Many of the seniors like this alternative although they would prefer being in the studio. This outlet provides everyone with a way to try and get through a tough time.