Animal Crossing, The Addiction

abigail estrada, Social Writer

Animal crossing has become the newest and most important game right now. Everyone and their mother seems to be playing it right now due to us being in quarantine. The game isn’t necessarily new though, the idea of the game has been around since April 14th of 2001. The game has been on everything from Wii to now the newest which is the Nintendo switch. This game has had almost a decade of fun from many players. I myself have even gotten into the animal crossing hype, I have the game on my phone which is the pocket camp addition because I do not have a switch. A lot of others have it on the phone as well. The sad part is that this game is 60 dollars and if you didn’t always have a switch that itself is 200 dollars even for the cheapest which is the lite one. the original switch is more to 300 plus dollars which kind of sucks if you don’t have that kind of money


There is no way to finish the game because you will always have missions. For the game, you are supposed to build your campsite and house. You are to get new villagers and complete missions throughout the game. You are able to style your character and your villagers. I personally found this game really exciting because you basically have to make your own little mission. In the app every time you complete a mission you get so many stuff that you can use to create stuff that your villagers want but you may want to use to decorate your campsite and so many more. I highly suggest this game if you want something that keeps you focused and helps you just feel like you’re not sitting at home doing anything during this time which is all we can do.