We All Need A Hero, in 2020, Thankfully They’re Coming, Anti- or Not

DC Suicide Squad poster

DC Suicide Squad poster

Kendall Marie Ballard, Staff Writer

Welcome to the time that will go down in history, just hope you’re on the right side of it. As we all know, these times are not the best and you’re most likely just waiting for the year to be over. In 2021, there are a bunch of amazing movies that will be coming out. Do you remember watching Deadshot and Harley Quinn and suddenly wish it was those two that Harley ended up with, and not the guy that Harleen jumped into a pile of acid for, right? Don’t remember that? Must be the one just here for the heroes.

The whole Batman ordeal, whoever you see is the true Batman is up to you, but we have another man of bats stepping up to the plate. He is known as Edward in Twilight or Robert Pattinson in the Hollywood Hills. Even though he lives in Los Angeles, but that’s beside the point. Do you like the dark, ‘scary’ holiday of Halloween? Next year of the long be-waited year of 2021, the movie should be coming out on October 1st, what a way to start the best month. Wonder what robin will be there, Greyson? The vengeful Jason Todd? Or none of them? Just wait and find out, but a little birdie has said that it will be taking place before Bats is called the “Greatest” detective, but it is no origin story.

Shazam made himself and the other foster children fight the 7 deadly sins, no joke. Now, Batman suddenly doesn’t look so bad. Besides the obvious symbolism, there is a villainous look-alike, Black Adam. What would be his weakness? Saying his name? No, that would be ridiculous. Since Shazam was like Christmas Eve’s present, so Black Adam will be Christmas for next year. That’s right, it is December 22nd, 2021. Fun fact, that date is considered “National Cookie Exchange day.” So, have a second treat.

Marvel doesn’t like giving anyone deadlines, after all, if you make a deadline, it’s yours as well. According to sources, February and May are the two months we need to look out for. Recently, there was a great man’s death, our King T’Challa, Mr. Chadwick Boseman. His death affected us all once we heard, anyone can tell you Black Panther isn’t coming in 2021. Besides that event, there is an unnamed movie that is most likely a Venom sequel. I heard “Eternals” has a chance of coming in our second month of the year. Marvel is a secretive guy, you won’t know if a movie is out until you are not paying attention to the advertisement that says the film is coming out into a theater near you.

Just like the whole “Should we recast or focus it on the sister” situation in the MCU, the DCEU has its own controversy, its own theories. What would the Snyder Cut of the Justice League be? If you don’t know, during the making of the original movie, Snyder was pushed off of the project. Since the majority of the audience didn’t have a positive review of the movie, someone made a comment on how the Snyder version would have been better and everyone ran with it. Just go on Youtube and search it up, some say there was no such thing while others say yes. It has yet to be decided but of course, it will still be in 2021. You’ll be the judge, will the wait be worth it?

This year has not been the best, but hopefully, the next will be better. If you told me that 2021 wasn’t the year for you, there are still movies coming out; Flash, Wonder Woman, and many others. Keep your head up and celebrate when the clock ticks 12 am, January 1st, 2021, or even 2022.