BCHS students start school online


Bourbon County High School

Taylor Koch , Staff Writer

Since March of 2020, Bourbon County students have been wondering when life and school would go back to normal. As more and more people were diagnosed with COVID 19, the answer remained uncertain. Then, a  few weeks ago, there were many questions on whether or not we should go to school online or back in person. It wasn’t just a concern for teachers, but also parents and students. There were a lot of risks with going back to school. Would everyone have to be six feet apart? What would happen if people refused to wear masks? Would you be allowed in the building if your temperature wasn’t normal? Finally, the most important question, was it safe? 

In July,  the school board came to the decision that we would not be returning in person. There were many questions. Everyone had different opinions on the subject. Some parents felt like it was a good idea to not go back to school in person, but at the same time, wondered what they were going to do with their kids while they worked full time. A big concern was what kids were going to do all day without a parent to help them. Some had it more difficult than others; families with elementary school students had to focus on childcare. Students this age needed an adult to help them, especially since they were on a computer. Students in middle school and high school may have had it a bit easier since most students at that age know how to work more independently. But, what about the freshmen? It is their first year of high school. How will they adjust to a new platform for learning, as well as, a new school?

“I was really looking forward to my first year at the high school, but I knew that I couldn’t go to school for the sake of my health and others,” one student said. She then went on to explain how school is set up at her house and what she does to stay focused. “I have a desk with all of my notes and folders. It is really hard to sit in front of a computer screen all day.” Another student said, “I really miss being around my friends, but the virtual schedule gives me more breaks, and I can have class from the comfort of my home.”

We don’t know when we will get back to normal, but until then, we will continue doing school online. Internet issues, getting back to a schedule, and not having teachers in the room with students may have presented many challenges, but overall, students seem to be stepping up to the challenge. Some are even finding this style of learning a better experience. No matter what the opinion, Bourbon County students will rise above these obstacles.