Winter High School Starting in Kentucky

Branson Frazier, Staff writer

The Kentucky High Schools Athletic Association has reached an agreement on a start date for winter sports. Winter sports include boys and girls basketball, swimming and diving, and wrestling. Basketball can officially start practice on October 26th and games will be able to start on November 23rd. Swimming and diving and wrestling will be able to start their practices on November 2nd. Wrestling can begin the regular season on December 2nd but they will be limited to 16 competitions. Swimming and diving will be limited to 14 competitions and they will start on November 16th. Competitive cheer and dance were able to start on September 21st, and all of the sports will not be able to have any scrimmages before the regular season starts. Stunting cheer has been restricted throughout the pandemic and resumption of play. KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett says that “As participants in various programs begin to get back to games and competitions, we have to help ensure a transition and returning in segments ensures an appropriate progression.” 

Just like fall sports winter sports will have guidelines that have to be followed to continue the 2020-2021 season. Those guidelines would include a mask at all times, and at the beginning of basketball games, there will not be a tip-off before every game to see who starts with the ball. There will be no scrimmages before the regular season will begin on November 3rd. The last official regular-season game will be on February 15th and the championship play will be scheduled for March 8th. There is a limit of 30 contests throughout the regular season. 

  The winter high school sports season is set to begin on October 26th for basketball, November 2nd for swimming and diving, and wrestling. Each of the winter sports will have a limited season and they will have to follow health guidelines like a mask being required at all times.