Racism in the U.S


Quote by Rosa Parks

Gabriela Gomez-Romero

All around the world, there are racial situations happening every second. Some may be involving Caucasians, Hispanics, or African Americans. Today, U.S citizens protest for their freedom and rights, hoping one day they will feel safe in this world. As you all already know, Martin Luther King Jr. was someone who wanted equality with all races; “Let freedom ring” he said, explaining how all races deserve freedom and equal rights. Schools today are now mixed with many races but back then, schools and public areas separated whites and blacks simply because of how much racism took over. People today are judged by the color of their skin; racism will never end but that doesn’t mean we need to stop fighting for what’s right. All races have their own traditions and stories, we are all unique and should not be afraid to be proud of who we are. BLM (black lives matter) is something we protest about today. It shows that even before all lives matter, black lives should matter just as much as every other life because they are humans who should not be shamed for the color of their skin. Even Hispanics, a wall was built making it impossible for them to travel to the U.S so they can have the advantage to live a better life with a good job, a nice house, and maybe a family who they can love and share many memories with. Racism will always be a big problem in the U.S today but the color of our skin should not be a shame to this world. We all matter and we all have a purpose on this earth. BLM should involve more people, we should all fight for our freedom and rights because no one should feel pressured or unsafe in this world. We all deserve to be equal.