She’s not just a teacher- Mrs. Wilhite

Morgan Turpin, Staff Writer

“The bridges that can be built by grace should always overcome the walls built by judgment”. -Retta Wilhite

Many of the students here in Bourbon County have had Mrs. Retta Wilhite as their teacher. Many even have had her in different counties. Mrs. Wilhite has been teaching for 20 years and this is currently her last year of teaching! She is currently a 7th-grade science teacher at BCMS. She also teaches some important life skills in her first hour, colonel time. Mrs. Wilhite has impacted not only my life but several others. 

Mrs. Wilhite is not only a teacher but a wife and a mom to 2 kids. She has also written and published a book in 2013 called “Shining in the Shadows: How to be a real dance mom.” 

The talented Mrs. Wilhite can do anything she wants to do, and she wanted to be a teacher and I’m sure glad she became one. She says her junior year history teacher, Mrs. Dorothy Zimmerman, inspired her to be a teacher. Mrs. Wilhite continued to say that history was her favorite subject, and that, “…she had such a way of making it interesting and making us believe we could rise to the high standards she set for us.” I believe Mrs. Wilhite has done that during her teaching career as well. She always encouraged me and her other students to always try their best and to always work hard. Not only that, she taught us life skills and lessons as well.

She says she has too many memories to list them all. She says one of her favorites was, “All the ridiculous trophies and awards that Mr. Travis Earlywine made up in creating “The Legend” have certainly been some of the great ones.  I could not believe he actually had a shirt made about all of this!  It has been a lot of fun.” 

She says, “I am grateful to all the great students I have had all these years that have made it worthwhile and helped me survive the skunks!  I am also grateful to the staff and administration I have served with throughout this journey who have applauded me on my best days and endured me on my worst!  Now I am ready for the next chapter of life to finally spend more time with my amazing husband and great kids!”

Everyone that has had the pleasure of knowing the great Mrs. Retta Wilhite, definitely appreciate all that she’s done for them. 

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Mrs. Wilhite. I first met her in Scott Co several years ago. She’s a great lady that cares about others. It’s been fun to give her a hard time creating all the legendary accomplishments she’s now known for. I’m glad she enjoys being a part of the fun. We wish her nothing but the best!” -Principal of BCMS and good friend of Mrs. Wilhite, Travis Earlywine.

We all hope you have a great rest of your year and thank you for all that you do. You are a “Legend!”