Heather Prichard and the Comfort of Community


Heather Prichard

Heather Prichard in Residential Lexington.

Sophia Prichard, Editor

Heather Teckenbrock was raised in Paducah, Kentucky, the daughter of a newspaper photographer for the Paducah Sun and a stay-at-home mom, with her brother. Her father passed when she was very young, and her mother had to go to nursing school to become a nurse. Her high school years were harder than most, but she got into college, the University of Kentucky, to be specific. She moved away from most of her friends, and almost all of her family so that she could go to University of Kentucky.

She got a job at a little photography studio, developing photos. She made friends, and lived in an apartment building with some of them. She met Thomas Prichard, and they started dating. She made her way into a job working for the university library. She majored in English at first, then went back to college to major in library science. She graduated, and got a job working at the Lexington Public Library, in downtown Lexington. 

She and Thomas bought a house together in a small little town called Paris, and got married. She moved away from Paducah and Southern Illinois to a part of Kentucky she didn’t know, where she wasn’t related to anyone, and she settled into a little community where she found herself welcome, she joined St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and she had a daughter. She proved that she could settle into a nice little spot in our community, and showed how welcoming our community is. She isn’t alone, as many people in Bourbon County have come from other parts of the state, the country, and even the world. She loves her job, helping people find books, fill out job applications, and look for information. Her friends from college have since scattered across the country, but they still keep in touch.