A story about my dad


This is a picture of me and my dad.

Branson Frazier, Staff writer

My Bourbon County in 300 words story is about my dad. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, my dad would go visit my grandfather’s grave and while he was there he would pour an ALE8. My dad said that he would mainly do it on my grandfather’s birthday. My grandfather would always love to drink ALE8’s since he was little and my dad every year would pour out a bottle of ALE8 on his gravesite. My dad told me it was something that he would do every year. I chose this story because my dad has never really told me why he would do this before. I asked him how often he would do this and he told me he would do it at least once a year on my grandfather’s birthday. I also asked him why he would do it and he told me that my grandfather used to love ALE8’s and he would just pour a bottle of ALE8 on his gravesite. The last question I asked my dad was will you continue to do it. He told me that he will try after COVID-19 starts to slow down and he will try to do it at least 1 time every year. 

I did my Bourbon County in 300 words story about my dad because I knew he would do this but I never knew why and I wanted to ask him more about this story. I also wanted to ask him if he would continue to do it or even do it more! My dad used to pour an ALE8 on my grandfather’s gravesite every year and he said that he tried to do it on his birthday every year. Doing this story made me think about other people’s stories or some of the things that people do every day and why they would do that!