Christmas in 2020



Sidney Smith, Staff Writer

One thing that students still get to have during COVID19 is a Christmas break. Although some people’s traditions might need to be precautious, they will still be able to take a break from school and spend time with their families. Both students and teachers have had a stressful year with being on Zoom and doing school online. Teachers have to teach all of their students to the best ability that they can, and students have to learn through a screen. This break could give a sense of normal to everyone instead of having to worry about COVID19 and school. Everyone could have the chance to get caught up in their health too. While students don’t have to panic about school work, they can have moments with their families that they normally would, and have time to themselves.

When asked about their Christmas break, most students had similar Christmas traditions. The most common thing that students did was wear matching pajamas on Christmas Day. Their families would all find a set of matching pajamas that they liked and would wear them while they were opening presents. Other traditions that were described were watching holiday movies on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, depending on their families’ plans. Some of the favorite movies that were chosen were “The Grinch,” all of the “Home Alone” movies, “elf.” The families would watch movies all night long until everyone falls asleep. Most families take holiday family pictures. They would dress up in Christmas outfits and have everyone in their household including the pets take a picture. Some families would print out cards and send them to their family members or frame the pictures in their house.

Even though a lot of families have traditions in common, they still make them their own. They make Christmas a joyful time with their family. Hopefully, people and students can still have fun moments with their families during this holiday season without COVID19 getting in the way.