COVID Vaccinations


Maggie Fryman

COVID Vaccinations are still being given, I know a few people in my family that have already taken the vaccinations. My mom, my aunt, and my grandparents have all had the vaccination. The different types of vaccinations help in different ways, but all are left with what you would call a ´memory’ so your immune system/body knows how to fight off the vaccine, if spread to you. It typically takes a few weeks after you receive the vaccine for the body to produce that memory. Therefore, it is very possible that you could be infected with the virus that causes COVID just before or right after the vaccination and then get sick because the vaccine did not have enough time to provide protection. Sometimes after vaccination, symptoms occur. There have been rumors that you can get the virus from the vaccine. No, you can not get the virus from the vaccine. Some questions are, when does the long is before the immunity starts? The FDA says that after the first vaccine it takes about fourteen days. The trials also confirm that the vaccine was ninety-five percent effective against COVID seven to fourteen days after the second dose. Studies have not proven or show that you can spread the virus to others after having the vaccine. Experts say getting the vaccine even if you have had the virus already. They say waiting ninety days after all symptoms have disappeared before getting your first shot. If you are completely vaccinated you are not required to quarantine if you have been exposed to someone that was suspected or confirmed. You should wait at least two weeks after their second dose before getting a flu shot or any other vaccinations. No, the vaccination does not alter your DNA. I would recommend getting the vaccination just to be safe.