How the arts have been affected by Covid- 19

a picture of an empty crowd

a picture of an empty crowd

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

In a time where the world has changed in a matter of seconds, it seems we all had to adapt to this new way of living very quickly. The way we once saw and did things in this world changed, these things we once loved were gone in a quick second. One thing that quickly changed for most, especially students in the arts, was how they were going to even be able to do what they loved. Last march the arts programs had to change all their plans, they changed everything. The arts were already being defunded in public schools and being ignored, but the sudden uprising of covid-19 seems to have made that even worse. 

With the art’s being paused students did not know what to do, the programs they once loved and looked forward to were unable to be participated in. Once restrictions had lifted we watched as sports and many other normal activities started picking up, yet the arts were still on pause during these times. It took months after the lifting for other extracurriculars, that art programs were able to even have a slice of normalcy. In many of these programs, they had already lost too much time to even get a head start on what was to come hopefully, trips planned for competitions were canceled. Many of the things made for these students and the program, they were unable to do and achieve. Programs such as the choir couldn’t perform with concerts every season for loved ones and guests to come as seen. The marching band couldn’t go on to compete for championships and many other performances. Just recently the school musical was just able to happen, after long months of waiting to hear if they were even able to participate in it this year.

Students everywhere were left wondering how to act and move forward in these times of cleaning and masking up. but throughout it all, the arts are still able to blossom and grow, even though it’s harder than ever. Students cant do all the important performances and the things they once loved about the arts, but it is a clear start to something newer, and better. Even when things are tough these artists have grown stronger and have taken this pandemic into their own hands. they are the heroes keeping the arts alive!