Vaccines Could Possibly Be Approved For Kids Ages 5-11


Jamie Ducharme

A child getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Jasmine Galicia , Staff Writer

COVID-19 vaccination is a trending topic as more than 179 million people have been fully vaccinated. With more than 381 million doses given, the FDA approved vaccine has become a dose that can protect against COVID-19, with various opinions on the safety of this vaccination. However, parents of kids ages 5-11 are anxiously pending approval for their kids to be eligible to get the Pfizer vaccine. Marin County, located in Northern California, has started to prepare to start vaccinating children these ages. It is set to believe that the vaccine will help protect children against COVID-19. shared this statement about how they feel about the situation. “We’re really excited,” said Alfred Gaspari, who has two sons in the 5-11 year age group. “Proving that it’s safe for kids, we’ll be definitely on board with getting them vaccinated.” Many people who were unsure about the vaccine are now patiently waiting on the vaccine for their children. 

Many anticipate the FDA should make the decision on if children of any age could be eligible to get the vaccine as soon as by the end of November. Within three weeks, the FDA could use the data information they have collected to share the information regarding if it is safe or not. Some parents of children in school are uneasy about the situation regarding these vaccines for children. With cases going up everyday, the vaccine could possibly help children when in school. “Earlier on Friday, the FDA said it would work to approve the COVID-19 vaccines for children quickly once the companies submit their data.” states that the FDA will take multiple tests to actually see if it is safe. In case of an emergency, Reuters stated companies would have two months to submit data on trial citizens who would volunteer to get the shot so it could be fully licensed.