Career Planning; The Cosmetology Industry

Hairdresser cutting clients hair in beauty salon.

Tyler Olson- SimpleFoto

Hairdresser cutting client’s hair in beauty salon.

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

As the school year becomes a troubling time for seniors due to decisions they have to make, it can feel quite overwhelming trying to figure out how they should wrap up high school. Most students underestimate the number of options they have been shown to them first hand. There are many pathways in which students can go after high school, one of those options being the cosmetology industry. This industry is based on the arts of beauty and giving back with a sense of community service.

A career is an occupation one chooses to make a significant part of their life, this can include anything from basic interests to abilities. Careers have become a huge role over the years with America blossoming to a new dawn. Cosmetology has been an interest that has been blooming for decades. However, it was not considered a career path until the 1930’s. The demand for cosmetologists continued to grow in the 1940’s going into the ’50s due to World War II. Many sought the best of the best with wanting to look perfect for their husbands when they came back home from war. Movies were also becoming larger and more extravagant as Hollywood was changing, the directors wanted their stars to look perfect. As the years went on, more people were able to access cosmetologists rather than the upper class that once dominated sales. The rise of music and media in the ’60s and 70’s shifted these roles. Everyone wanted to look like Cher and have the “Twiggy-style” of hair that was coming into popularity. As the new digital age came together, more and more popularity for this career grew. From the ’80s to now, many achieve the perfect look, being one they see on models and influence’s. Cosmetology has become a career that can be stable due to the changes in styles and trends.

Cosmetology is not a difficult career to get into; even in the smallest of small towns, it’s achievable. Cosmetology schools are around the country everywhere in fact, there are over 1,900 of these schools in the United States. This career does take a considerable amount of time to pursue. However, the certification process can take anywhere from 10 months to 2 years. Beauty schools aren’t the only place one can get their license; they can also apply to technical colleges around them. The application process varies from school to school but most only require a high school diploma. Not all are the same though if someone plans on applying through a technical college they will need to comply with the regulations most common to community colleges and universities. Thankfully once schooling is done, a person can then go into the real world and dive into the industry full of opportunities.

The wonderful thing about cosmetology is that it opens up so many career options. The point of cosmetology schooling is to send experienced students in all the beauty categories such as hair, makeup, nails, skin, waxing, and even spray tanning. There is a multitude of options when it comes to the specific thing someone can work on, but the end goal of the education process is to create the privilege of choice. The art of this career is all up to choice; students that get their license have full discretion as to their job type and in which area they will be most experienced. After high school, a career doesn’t have to be set in stone; interests can play a huge role in what one chooses to do. The most important thing is to choose something that can ensure happiness for years to come.