Sports vs Racial Injustice

The Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves

Riley Stinson, Staff Writer

As the countless attacks surrounding racial oppression continue on social media, numerous people unleash their temper and sympathy for the people involved. One controversy currently active on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram is whether or not racism is learned. On the popular news outlet CNN, however, one story stands out more than the rest: the Atlanta Braves and their struggles on and off the field. Usually, the games are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and the enjoyable atmosphere is perfect for the whole family, but recently, the racist comments and maltreatment have been made well aware by the public. According to a pastor from Acts of Faith Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, “It felt weird” that the stands had a lot more Black people. In addition, a lot more people were enticed to games because they had more representation. This is an adequate summary for anyone who has been to their recent games. 

In addition to the baseball community, other sports have complained as well, including the well-known Premier League. Wilfried Zaha was targeted with racist and provocative tweets on social media following a game against Manchester City where his team won 2-0. He told the press, “This message isn’t for me to get a million messages saying we stand with you and it’s disgusting or about me getting sympathy, and I’m not here for all the nonsense that is being done instead of fixing the actual problem!” Many cases like Zaha’s have been abundant in the past year, especially following the Black Lives Matter Movement and the subsequent efforts to bring justice to the cause. Many athletes have opened up to news outlets such as CNN, relating to Zaha, and saying that they are terrified to view certain social media because they get bombarded with abuse and mistreatment. 

Racism has been a huge topic in the media for several decades. It seems no one can get along anymore, despite their differences. As a society of different people, we thrive on equality and diversity. If everyone is an exact replica of the person next to them, no one would be unique or experience different cultures because there would be no such thing as separate cultures. In sports, racism is a huge aspect of today’s world. Sports would be nonexistent in the future if people keep driving fans and players away. Racism will never be beneficial for anyone. The only way we can grow to be the best version of society is by appreciating each other and collaborating rather than pushing each other away and focusing on our differences.