The good and the bad that comes along with the mask policy at BCHS


Alyssa Sanders, Staff Writer

Recently our mask policy has been changed. Instead of wearing masks being mandatory it is now optional depending on the amount of COVID-19 cases. If our county is in the red the masks are mandatory if we are doing better, then wearing masks is recommended but is optional. Do you think it’s the best thing for our school? There’s clearly positives and negatives to this change. 

One side of the argument is that we should always have a mask mandate. There’s so many issues that come along with mask requirements changing constantly. First of all when there’s an option to wear masks it can create a divide between students and teachers. People tend to let views and opinions of someone effect whether they like them or not. There could be conflict between students who don’t support wearing masks and students who do. Also, it is complicated to have the masks requirements changing. One day it could not be required and the next it isn’t. Leaving students and teachers confused or aggravated by the constant change. If the requirements are changed constantly some students might not take it seriously because of its inconsistency. All of this arguably just creates more issues and trouble for our teacher. Our BCHS librarian, Ms. Elkins, agrees with this by saying, “ I think they should be mandated. It’s easier if we wore masks all the time.” In one viewpoint it is clear that even if the numbers are low masks should still be mandatory, so numbers stay low. Overall, there are some concerns that come along with this new mask policy.

On the other hand there are some benefits of the mask policy. Students will finally have some aspect of normalcy in school again. Also, it’ll make some students glad that they can have the option to wear masks if the number of covid-19 cases are low. Also if it’s optional students will be glad to not have to worry about forgetting a mask or having to wear one throughout today. In one viewpoint it seems that if the numbers are low why require masks. Overall, there can be positives to this mask policy.

Though there are different views on the change in the mask policy in our school, we shouldn’t let our different opinions affect how we treat each other. We can have different opinions and still be a united community here at BCHS. Our school superintendents are just trying their best to make the best decision for us, and our teachers are just asking you to follow the rules they have to follow also. So respect your teachers when they ask you to keep your mask up and make sure you have a positive attitude no matter what changes are made. As always keep your school spirit up!