The Importance of Character


Character is different for every person.

Riley Stinson, Staff Writer

Michael Josephson once said, “No one is born with good character; it is not a hereditary trait. And it isn’t determined by a single noble act. Character is established by conscientious adherence to moral values, not by lofty rhetoric or good intentions.” Character is what makes us individual and separate from everyone else. Typically, there are  two types of character: whether  you are a “good person” or a “bad person.” In reality, there’s no such thing as good people and bad people, just individuals who make mistakes more often than their peers. A good person typically makes all the right choices and knows both the meaning and spelling of a hard word off the top of their head. However,  bad people are often described as lethal and toxic to everyone around them. 

When you think about character, what comes to your mind?  You may think of an actor or actress in a TV show, a book character, or even your childhood Halloween costume. This can all be true, but the meaning can be much deeper. Character is something that makes you unique, something that involves how you feel when you see a puppy, or the emotions you feel before a large test worth 75% of your grade. In a sense, it can be described as something that makes identical twins different from one another. It’s not just something that automatically makes a person good or bad. 

Being categorized as good or bad within a society can really change people’s perspectives on one another. As Michael Josephson said, it is not determined by one noble act. This means that you can’t be blatantly rude to someone, donate to the Salvation Army, and then expect your previous deeds to be overlooked. Knowing the value of balancing good characteristics and bad characteristics can really improve your overall character. Remember that there’s no such thing as a bad or good person, but if you make bad mistakes, then you can appear that way. Ultimately, the fate of your persona relies on you.