The Zodiac Killer


Andrea Nakano

Zodiac Killer and his notes that were sent to police.

Jasmine Galicia , Staff Writer

During the 1960s and 70s, The Zodiac Killer became known as an infamous killer that murdered at least five people near San Francisco. During each killing, he would leave letters, threats, information, and any possible source that could help police identify who the man was. Though there was much evidence police used to try to solve the case, no one could identify or possibly find out who this killer was. One incident consisted of a shooting on December 20, 1968, in Benicia, California, where a couple was found dead in a car during their first date. At first, police didn’t think much of it being a serial killer and suspected one of their family members or friends did it. After investigating more they assumed it was because of drug consumption, so they dismissed it. However, on July 5, 1969, another couple was found shot inside their car. After an hour of the incident, the killer phoned police and stated “I also killed those kids last year” which was a reference to the couple in 1968. 

On October 11, 1969, in San Francisco, Zodiac entered a taxi cab that 29-year-old Paul Stine was in. Zodiac shot the male and killed him. Though police didn’t have information, witnesses came forward and stated they had seen the murder take place. They described the killer as a white male, around his 20s or 30s, wearing glasses and had a crew cut. He later began to contact letters to the newspaper that had specific details only he knew. He then taunted people and stated: “The police shall never catch me because I have been too clever for them.”Over the years, over 2,500 suspects have been suspicious, but neither of them fit the description of the killer. 

Though the killer was never identified in the 1900s, the 2000’s advanced technology helped crack the case of who the killer was. After 50 years, police were able to find the killer. Gary Francis Poste was set to be the mysterious man that killed the victims. He was known to be arrested in 2016 for charges of domestic violence. He died in 2018. Though they never actually put charges on the killer, this case is still considered one of the world’s unsolved murders.