The Magic of the Paris-Bourbon Christmas Parade


The BCHS Dance Team at the 2021 Paris-Bourbon Christmas Parade.

Alyssa Sanders, Staff Writer

The Paris-Bourbon County Christmas Parade has been a holiday tradition for many years. Families get together, bundle up in the winter cold, and watch our community give Paris a wonderful parade on Main Street to celebrate the holiday season. There are all sorts of performances, floats, and animals to watch. It’s a tradition that brings our community together during the holidays. Though COVID-19 caused the 2020 Christmas parade to look different than what we’re used to, we got our holiday tradition back this year. 

On Saturday, January 4, the Bourbon County community had its annual Paris-Bourbon Christmas Parade. There are many people in our community that put together the Christmas parade. As the parade moves its way from the high school to the courthouse, the bands play Christmas music, the cheerleaders and dance team put together a routine, and people bring in vintage cars and horses. There are always many floats put together by a variety of businesses and organizations, with people handing out candy to everyone. At the end of the parade, Santa waved at joyful children while riding in a sleigh.

I’m a part of the BCHS dance team, so I got the opportunity to be in the parade. Throughout my childhood, I remember the wonder and excitement I felt whenever I saw all of the performers in the parade. It would fill my heart every single time. It makes me absolutely thrilled to see the same feeling portrayed on children’s faces this year. 

The parade is a truly heartwarming event that makes everyone in the community get into the holiday spirit. It spreads cheer, joy, and happiness in our community. It’s always been a magical tradition for our small town. I hope this wholesome holiday tradition continues for many years to come. From the staff at Le Petit Colonel, happy holidays!