2021-2022 BCHS Girl’s Basketball Team Senior


Alyssa Sanders, Jr. editor

Last Thursday, February 17th, the BCHS girl’s basketball team had their last home game. They played Garrad County High School and sadly lost. But before the game, I interviewed the only senior this year, Amelia Frazier. I interviewed her about many things involving the end of her time in high school basketball.

Question: How do you feel about your last game being so soon?

Amelia: “This year has gone by really fast and I’m sad to see it go but it was fun.”

It seems that being on the team has been a really fun experience for her and like most seniors say, “It’s over before you know it.”

Question: What was your favorite memory with the team?

Amelia: “Probably our win even, even though we haven’t won a lot, I loved seeing after the games how happy everybody was.”

It’s true that the girl’s basketball team hasn’t won many games this year, but as always, memories are the most important.

Question: What is your takeaway from being on the team?

Amelia: “That life is not always easy and things aren’t handed to you, you have to work for them.”

I personally think her quote is a wonderful message that brings truth to how real life is.

Question: What are your plans for the future?

Amelia: “I’m going to the University of Cumberlands to study physical therapy.”

Amelia has experienced a lot throughout the years, from practicing basketball every day to testing her physical and mental abilities. The BCHS senior has grown and gained valuable lessons and ambitions from being a lady colonel. We wish her luck to achieve their dreams and greatly admire her effort and dedication to the team over the years. All of her teammates will be sad to see her go but ultimately wish her all the best.