2022 BCHS Tennis Season


The BCHS boy’s tennis team.

James Mulcahy, Sports Writer

As the new year starts, a new season of tennis does as well. The 2022 Bourbon County Colonels tennis team started its new season in mid-February.

With playing less than ten games, the team is on a roll. So far, the tennis team has won against different high school teams such as Pendleton High and Scott High.

I’ve decided to interview a member of the girl’s team to get her perspective and insight on the sport. For this article, I interviewed sophomore Taylor Koch. 

Q: How do you feel about the new season, and how do you think it will go?

Taylor:  “So far, it’s great and a lot of fun. Compared to last year we have a whole lot more new players which makes it even better. It’s also fun to help with the new foreign exchange student who decided to join the team. Throughout the season, I hope we win games. I’m not sure if it’ll be all of them but we’ll go the farthest we can go and hopefully we’ll go to regionals.”

Q: How long have you been playing tennis?

Taylor: “I’ve been playing for two years now, going on three.”

Q: How have you personally been playing throughout the season, and what have you been doing to achieve that?

Taylor: “So far, I’ve greatly improved from last season. I’ve been practicing in Lexington at the Lexington Tennis Club with other people that were thinking about playing tennis, and during the offseason, I was playing in Paris’s JTT summer league with many members of the team from the previous season.”

Q: Do you plan on continuing to play tennis throughout high school and maybe even after that? 

Taylor: “Yes, I plan to continue playing tennis throughout the rest of high school but after that, I don’t plan on going to college for it. If the college I plan on attending has a rec team, then I will most likely play on that team.”

As you can see, Koch and I (being a member of the boy’s team) have great aspirations for the season. With the girls falling short of a region title last year, the boys are determined to be back-to-back region champs. Make sure to come out and support the colonel’s tennis team!