The Impact of Taylor Swift on the Music Industry


Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

The music industry is always changing. The way it shifts with the trends is caused by the power of social media. Artists are able to cultivate their fan bases with hints to promote their music. Everything people once knew about the way music flows has changed with the next trend.

The release of music is now powered by fans on social media apps including Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. However, Taylor Swift revolutionized the music industry. 

Taylor Swift has transformed the way fans listen to music. Taylor Swift fans, more commonly known as “Swifties,” play a big role in the artist’s releasing patterns. It all started when Taylor first started releasing music in 2006. With the release of her debut song “Tim McGraw,” she became a starstruck spectacle.

She gained her fame after her debut album “Taylor Swift,” and her second album “Fearless” kickstarted her road to fame. Ever since then, Taylor has been a massive success with her tours and album releases. However, a major situation caused a change in the music industry.

On August 18, 2017, Taylor deleted every picture from her Instagram account. Her fans were left in serious confusion, as no artist has really ever done anything like that before. On August 23, 2017, she released the album cover art and release date of her next album. Everyone was shocked, which later would be replicated by not only Taylor but many other artists. 

After Reputation was released, Taylor continued following a different pattern, and Swifties only became more responsive as a fan base. From Lover to the iconic sister albums Folklore and Evermore, Taylor only became more calculated with her plans. Surprise releases have always been a part of the music industry, but Taylor randomly launched the sister albums and other artists followed suit. 

Taylor has also been a master of hiding easter eggs in her projects. These easter eggs hold hints towards a new release or the theme of an album. Taylor has always kept secrets, but as she has grown older in the industry, Swift fans have engaged in fan theories and much speculation before each album.

However, fans do show their appreciation even when their theories seem to no longer make sense. Even though Taylor Swift deserves her credit, she isn’t 100% responsible for everything. It’s important to also acknowledge the history of how the industry started to get to this point.