The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: Historical fiction impact

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book cover.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo book cover.

Abigail Estrada, Social Writer

As historical fiction becomes more popular in modern media, past topics seem to become clear once again. With young adult as a genre becoming more popular with the youth of today, it seems that topics of old Hollywood are being brought up now more than ever.

With many books overviewing the history of the 1900’s, it has become clear which books seem to take the cake for the overall presentation of the era. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a historical book that takes place in a fiction version of the generation of old Hollywood stars until 2017.

The story follows an upcoming writer named Montique Grant, who takes on the role of writing the story of Evelyn Hugo, who has a lot more to her past than she ever shares. Evelyn decided that Montique was the perfect person for this role, as she told this young writer the tales of her youth.

The story begins with a young Evelyn Hugo figuring out how she can escape the world that she lives in now. She ends up escaping this world by getting herself a deal. She then continued to work her way up when she got married to her first husband, Ernie Diaz, when she was fifteen. She was married to the young man for the sole purpose of fame until she met Don Alder, who really kickstarted her rise to fame. She repeats the pattern of remarriage seven times. However, none of these men had her best interests at heart. The one person who had her heart until she passed away was Celia St. James.

Evelyn Hugo is a complex character who fits her role in this cinematic universe as nothing but eye candy. She was proud of the fact that she could capture the looks of anyone and do anything. She, however, wanted nothing but a pure, happy life.

In historical fiction, it’s so easy to feel connected to these characters because they resemble the ones that never got to speak their truths. The people of the past never got to execute the way they felt, which is why so many characters can be presented because they hold a figment of the past in their story. Historical fiction continues to become even more popular as authors are creating more stories based on the past. They captivate the reader in more ways than one and continue to follow this pattern.