Drama between Yung Gravy and The Rae Family



A photo of Addison Rae with her parents and Yung Gravy

Nayely Zacatlan, Staff Writer

Imagine being a celebrity with 88+ million followers on Tiktok and being a singer, to seeing your mom with a rapper named “Yung Gravy” on the red carpet of the VMA’s and then going viral on social media. Then having your dad retaliate by posting statements about the incident on social media, by posting negative statements regarding the rapper being with Sheri Easterling (Addison’s mom) as his date for the red carpet. Yung Gravy and Sheri Easterling met during a red carpet debut at the VMA’s. Yung Gravy has been looking for this since the beginning of July in his hit song, “Betty” saying in a lyric how he finds older women more attractive, specifically moms. In past interviews, he was talking about wanting to associate with older women or specifically, mothers. He stated this in the Zach Sang Show. 

Sheri Easterling uploaded a Tiktok herself using a generator that predicts who her next partner will be. The generator randomly shuffled off saying “picnic in the park with her dog,” then she edited Yung Gravy’s name all over it. After that post, Yung Gravy stitched that Tiktok. In an interview, the host asked about his interest in dating older women. Also, Yung Gravy said that Sheri expressed interest in him through a social media direct message. He reciprocated her advances in the following messages. 

While Monty (Addison’s dad), reaction to his ex-wife’s relationship with Yung Gravy is complicated and does not feature a formal response Monty posted a picture of himself on an Instagram story with the caption“Unbothered! Thank @yunggravy for taking the leftovers. I would rather spend time with my daughter and 2 grand-kids that Sheri Nicole made me abandon as a child in order to be with her! Never let a woman make you choose between her and your blood child!” following the post, in an interview, Yung Gravy stated his sympathy for Sheri and mentioned his intentions to remain as removed from the situation as possible, per Sheri’s requests. The internet is congested with social media users expressing their sympathy for Addison due to her parents’ petty behavior. Comments based on twitter consisted of statements such as “I feel so bad for Addison Rae, her parents are so embarrassing ” and, “Everything I’ve learned about Addison Rae’s family has been against my own will.” Addison reacted to her mother’s new romance and her father’s post showing embarrassment for her parents behavior. Addison is seemingly trying to distance herself from her parents drama and focus on her career and future. Addison has reportedly unfollowed her parents on social media and tried to allow herself to remain unimpacted by the slew of negative comments she has received regarding her parents.