The NFL Season has Officially Started.



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Chris Hay, Staff Writer

For those who don’t know, the NFL season is upon us. And in week 1, there were 16 games played total. There were some upsets as the defending champs, The Los Angeles Rams were defeated by the Buffalo Bills 31-10, the New Orleans Saints winning against the Atlanta Falcons 17-16, The New York Giants winning against the Tennessee Titans 21-20, The Seattle Seahawks beating the Denver Broncos 17-16, The Los Angeles Chargers beating the Las Vegas Raiders 24-19, The Washington Commanders beating the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-22, The Cleveland Browns defeating the Carolina Panthers 26-24, the Cincinnati Bengals defeated by the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-20 in overtime. And some blowouts, the Kansas City Chiefs destroyed the Arizona Cardinals 44-21, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeating the Dallas Cowboys 19-3, the New York Jets getting destroyed by the Baltimore Ravens 24-9, the Green Bay Packers beaten by the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. And some close games, the Miami Dolphins defeating the New England Patriots 20-7, the Philadelphia Eagles defeating the Detroit Lions 38-35, the Chicago Bears defeating the San Francisco 49ers 19-10. And one game that just ended in a tie, which was the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans 20-20 in overtime. I don’t know much about football or I would say which wins or losses were most shocking, so I interviewed someone that knows more than me. 

The person I interviewed was Luke Earlywine and asked him a couple of questions. The first question I asked was, “Who is a contender this season?” His response, “Well I think the number 1 contender is the Buffalo Bills, coming out of the AFC, they’re pretty powerful on offense. With Henry Diggs, Gabe Davis and Josh Allen. Josh Allen’s the real deal.” The second question I asked was, “Should people tune in to watch this season?” Luke’s response, “Oh absolutely. You’re not gonna watch an NFL game, that’s not exciting. Every game has something in it that you’re just gonna be like ‘wow, that really happened’.” The last question I asked, “Is there a specific NFL player that could win MVP this season?” Luke’s response, “I think the MVP this season is gonna be Josh Allen, going back to the Bills. He’s got an electric arm. He’s gonna throw for so many passing yards and so many touchdowns and he doesn’t throw many interceptions except for week one. But, I think Josh Allen’s electric arm is going to win MVP.” 

So, I figured out that the Buffalo Bill’s win was definitely not a fluke against the defending champs, The Los Angeles Rams. I will definitely be tuning in where I’ve seen a lot of exciting stuff. Especially just it being the first week. Majority of the games in the first week were close, so it’s gonna be a good season to tune in and watch if you don’t watch the NFL.