Throwback of Elementary Schools Holiday Celebrations



Preschool students collecting candy around the school.

Nayely Zacatlan, Staff Writer

As we move into the new year,  we should take a look back into the holidays and to the activities that the schools have created and participated in with students having a wonderful time and getting to know one another. The schools, Cane Ridge Elementary School, Bourbon County Preschool Head Start, and

Preschool students going around the school for candy

Bourbon Central Elementary School, held celebrations for the students reaching their goals and celebrated them for those achievements.  

The preschoolers at Bourbon County Preschool Head Start trick-or-treated during the Halloween season by going to various offices or classroom

Top is the 5th grader as waiters. Bottom the fancy feast with parents & Grandparents

s of the office staff. As they stopped to other classes, they were named as places so the kids could feel like they were going on an adventurous journey. While stopping to the different places, they spoke with Ms. Gina Bach, Nurse Deanna Berry, Principal Melissa Hamilton, Family Service Workers Amy Graves, and Dinorah Souleyrette, as well as Alicia Davis, School Readiness Coordinator Martha Miles, Bookkeeper Fallon Jones, and also Exceptional Education Coordinator Julie Moore, shown in the pictures.

Bourbon Central Elementary School hosted a Fancy Feast with the first and fifth graders. The fifth grade students were picked as waitresses/waiters and served their teachers and parents. While the first graders held a Fancy Feast with one of the guests and enjoyed lunch with them. Many grandparents and parents were there to enjoy the feast with their kids. According to participants, everyone  had a great time. The picture shows the 1st graders enjoying lunch with their grandparents and parents. In the other picture are the 5th graders that were picked out to be a waiter or waitress.

Information of the glow stick party 

To close out the year, Cane Ridge Elementary School hosted a glow stick party before Christmas on Dec. 14th. This was a celebration for the students that have reached the 2nd 9 weeks reading goal. The party took place in the gym and the glow stick were purchased prior to the event, so parents don’t have to worry about buying the glow sticks for the party. Students were also allowed to bring their glow stick necklaces, and bracelets they may already have. But still, they want the students to keep reading as it said in the form, “So read, read, read, and will see you at the party! Any questions, see Mrs. Meeks.” Also if they have any questions concerning the party they can speak to Mrs. Meeks.