Eagles and Chiefs, Super Bowl LVII



Philadelphia Eagles- Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl LVII Logo

Chris Hay, Staff Writer

On Sunday, January 29th, 2023, the NFL had both of their conference championship games. The Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers played, as well as the Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs. The Eagles beat the Niners: 31-7. Meanwhile, the Chiefs and Bengals game was down to the wire. The Chiefs defeated the Bengals: 23-20. Many NFL fans felt like the refs cheated the Bengals, and claimed there were a lot of missed calls. 


Bourbon County High School Students, Cam Santiago, and Jylen Crespo share their thoughts about the Super Bowl. “The Eagles’ defense has been phenomenal this season. They will try to limit targets to Kelce as much as possible. I think Patrick Mahomes’ pocket will collapse a couple of times forcing him to over-scramble in the game. Also, Jalen Hurts is not going to slow down; However, he still has to be aware of Kansas City’s safeties.” says Crespo. Cam Santiago said, “The Eagles have a great d-line and athletic DBS while the Chiefs don’t have big-time wideouts. Also, Nobody is going to stop Jalen Hurts. He has a great offense with him.” While most of Kentucky is rooting for the Eagles, in angst against the Chiefs, it’ll be decided which team is the best on February 12th. 


The Chiefs and Eagles are both very talented teams that deserve to be in the Super Bowl; it will be one of the best Super Bowls ever. The Chiefs had the best offense in the league, but the Eagles were behind with the third-best offense in the NFL. However, the best defense had to go to the Eagles, but the Chiefs were the second-best defense in the NFL. But according to USA Today, The Eagles have a win percentage of 83%.  Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are the best at their position- it should be interesting to see how both teams’ defenses hold the opposing quarterbacks and what limits they can put on them both Mahomes and Hurts.