2018-2019 Staff

Hannah Turley


Hello, my name is Hannah and I'm a senior at BCHS. I am co-editor in chief for the Newspaper staff. But when I'm not doing that, I am involved in PEP Club. My hobbies include: spending time with family & friends, relaxing,...

Koby Turner


Hello, my name is Koby  Turner and I am a senior at Bourbon County High School and the editor in chief of the newspaper staff. I am currently in the following clubs: Spectrum, Beta Club, and Young Democrats. I love to watch YouTube,...

Emma Maynard

Associate Editor

Hi, my name is Emma Maynard. I'm the associate editor and I enjoy writing stories and articles. I enjoy drawing, reading, and watching Netflix. I'm a junior at BCHS.

DeeDee Barnett

Assistant Associate Editor

Hi there! My name is DeeDee, and I am a junior at Bourbon County High School. I am a part of many clubs here including: POP Club, Recycling Club, and Prom Committee. I love art, and most of my articles may or may not have something...

Brooke Harris

Business Manager

Hey, my name is Brooke Harris.   I am a sophomore at BCHS . My hobbies include playing volleyball, watching Netflix, and hanging out with my friends. I am in two clubs this year, Pop Club and Pep Club. I am the Business Manager...

patricia jones

business manager/reporter

My name is Patricia Jones and I am in 9th grade. This is my first year on the newspaper staff.  I am the co-business manager with Brooke Harris. Some of my interests are Justin Bieber, watching Netflix, and writing. I am in Pop...

cheyanna rayburn


My name is Cheyanna Rayburn.  I am a senior at BCHS. I am the head photographer for the paper. You might  see me at games, club meetings , and everything in between. My hobbies include photography, writing, and reading. I'm...

Kaitlyn Rison


Hello my name is Kaitlyn, I'm a senior at BCHS, a fist year photographer for the news paper, and a two year member of FCCLA.  In my free time away from school I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching Netflix.

Katie Roberts


Hey there, my name is Katie Roberts, I am a sophomore and I am one of the photographers who work on the paper.  I am a member of The Stepping Out Club, an FFA Member, a member of the BCHS Trap Team, and a member of the Bourbon...

Kathleen Gibson


Hello my name is Kathleen and I am a junior at Bourbon County High School. I am also a photographer on the Newspaper Staff and a member of POP Club and Recycling club here. I like traveling when I can, baking random things, watching...

Jessica Cobb

Features Editor

My name is Jessica Cobb and I am in the 11th grade at Bourbon County High School this year! I love going hiking and being adventurous which is why I'm excited to explore new things and people here. I'm ready to continue my three...

Makailyn Craft


My name is Makailyn Craft and this is my first year with Le Petit Colonel. I will be covering world news and other current events this year.  I enjoy reading, writing, and photography.

Donavon Hollar

Sports Reporter

Hello everyone! I am El Don Hollar and this school year I am a senior at Bourbon County High School. I am also a Sports Writer on the Newspaper Staff. My favorite thing to do is go to the Lexington Legends Baseball Game with my...

Kennedy Kelly

Sports Statistics (girls)

My name is Kennedy Kelly. I am a senior at BCHS. I have been taking Journalism for twoyears now and I am in charge of all girls sports statistics. I play basketball and I am a part of the Stepping Out club and the Pep club.

Dominic Fightmaster

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is Dominic and I am a sophomore at Bourbon County High School. I like drawing comic books and The Flash. I like helping people with problems and getting to know them. I plan on becoming a C.S.I. when I get out of...

Julie Rigsby


My name is Julie Rigsby.  I graduate in 2019.  I am the Alumni News editor and a writer for the newspaper.  I am a competitive clogger and I hold three national titles.  I am in POP Club, Pep Club, and Stepping Out Club. ...

Daniel Frederick

Sports Statistics (Men's)

Hello, I am Daniel Frederick and I keep men's sports statistics for the Le Petit Colonel. I also play and start for the varsity football team here at Bourbon County. I am a huge sports guy and love keeping up with all sports whether...

Hannah Hamelback

Circulation Manager/Calendar

My name is Hannah Hamelback, and I'm in 10th grade this year! This is my first year participating in Journalism. I love writing, hence why I'm taking this class. I also love playing sports (basketball and volleyball specifically),...

Isaiah Gibbs

Page Layout Manager

Hi, my name is Isaiah Gibbs and I am a senior at Bourbon County High School. I am an exceptional athlete who enjoys participating in Cross Country and Track & Field.  I am also engaged in Cross-Fit, which is a great way for...

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