Let’s Get Dressed Up


Jennie O'Donnell

These are the students who participated in the prom fashion show from left to right: Adayer Gutierrez, Emma Duncan, Breanna Rison, Trevor Mitchell, Leslie Castro, Carina Villanueva, Romon Navarro, Sarah Shriazi, Taylor Koch, Jeremiah Sanguini, Brooklyn Havens, Laiken Hardin, and Cam Goodwin.

Breanna Rison , Staff Writer

Bourbon County hosted its first-ever prom fashion show on February 24th! The event was hosted by Jennifer O’Donnell, the Youth Service Center coordinator at the high school. Over the past few months, Mrs. O’Donnell has been receiving prom and tux donations. Bourbon now has its own prom closet, which is located on the first floor in room 106. 

“In the Colonel’s Closet, there are over 100 dresses that have been donated by everyone. I’m still taking donations. I wish that I had more men’s apparel; I have a few, but not many.” O’Donnell said when she was asked how many dresses she has and if she is still taking donations.

When asked about how the idea of the prom fashion show came about, O’Donnell excitedly said “I had a bunch of dresses in coffee boxes when I moved to this room, I wasn’t sure what to do with them until Mrs. Hurt and I talked about it. We got to talking and to see if Miss Priss would help us out with anything; unfortunately, they didn’t, but Darnell gave us the idea to contact Geno’s closet. He had worked there and said they would probably let us show some of their dresses.” We had fourteen kids who got to pick out either dresses or tuxes, it was all free. They brought them to us and picked them up right after the show.”

She goes on to add “I feel that the fashion show turned out well; I wish more people would have shown up and we had more door prizes to pass out, but overall it was good.” Being backstage was hectic for them due to each girl having three dresses: one Geno’s and two from our prom closet.  The students were very kind and were hyping up the girls. The backstage boys also were super nice and made the girls feel better about walking in front of their peers. Manuela Trujillo discussed her experience of being a helper in the fashion show.  “I was in the back helping the girls put their dresses on. It was very crowded back there with little room to move, but the girls got their dresses on and strutted across the stage. Everyone in the fashion show got along and was super nice to each other. Every time the girl would come back to change they were talking about how the boy’s  who was in the fashion show was hyping them up.” Deanna Rison was asked what she thought about the fashion show. She responded, “Honestly, I went to see my sister as she was in it. But I enjoyed it. I liked the dresses, they were so pretty and the girls looked like they were having so much fun. I hope we have more prom fashion shows in years to come.” 

It’s so nice to see the school getting together and making this prom fashion show happen. If it wasn’t for the models for getting out of their comfort zone and going out there and killing it, we wouldn’t have had one to show off these amazing dresses. If it wasn’t for the helpers and the ones who accurately planned it, no one would have the opportunity to see what the Colonel Closet has to offer. The prom show allowed our community to grow and become closer. It also helps to recognize that even though you don’t have the money to afford a dress, you still have the opportunity to get a dress that is good quality and looks beautiful right at your school. Come get the dress of your dreams before they are all gone.