Is Prince William cheating on Kate Middleton with her Best Friend?


Royal Family

Rose Hanbury, Kate Middleton, and Prince William together at an event

Nayely Zacatlan, Staff Writer

The British Royal family has recently been torn apart by a raging controversy. This time the recognition goes to Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, and his alleged mistress Sarah Rose Handbury. The two have cut each other off, and Kate is in the middle of processing this “loss”. Also, this woman was Kate’s Best Friend before the disloyalty came to the light and to the point they are no longer talking to each other. 

The English noblewoman Sarah Rose Hanbury, is a British peeress, former model, and former political staffer and is married to David Cholmondely 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley. She is the mother of Lady Iris Marina Aline Chlomondeley, Alexander Hguh George, and Oliver Timothy George. Also Rose divorced her husband a few months ago, so she can pursue Prince William. 

This alleged fight probably took place at a private dinner to which they were both invited and would have to be the reason that has sparked rumors about the love affair between Rose and Prince William. Even though the couple has tried to deny the affair, the media has continued this rumor to the point where they can no longer deny this rumor. It has been revealed that February 14, 2023, was when Prince William spent time with Rose Hanbury on Valentine’s day and not with his wife, and said he enjoyed his time with Rose. The reason behind the separation would be the affair that Prince William was close with Rose as a friend or a neighbor because she’s friends with Kate.

As things couldn’t get any worse, Prince William sat Kate Middleton and his mistress on the table but the princess of wales had to leave the table because she felt discomfort. Who knows, Prince William will recreate the story between Princess Diana and King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla Park back in 1986, known as father, like son. It has also been said that Kate Middleton is leaving Buckingham Palace with her children and is also pregnant with her 4th child and will stay in Windsor Castle but she said she will return to the palace in a few months. 

Middleton never imagined that Prince William would cheat on her with her best friend. Prince William and Rose are both equally at fault for betraying Middleton. Is this a genetic thing for the royal family for men to cheat on their wives as King Charles cheated on Diana, and Prince Phillip cheated on Queen Elizabeth with a married woman, these are so unfaithful men? This Infidelity is heritable and runs in the Royal Family, these women are probably only getting these men for money, status, and fame. For now, they put a happy face for the public to see. Kate Middleton and Prince William are trying to find the perfect timing to announce their separation but time will tell what happens next.