Out of this World Opportunities


Alexandria Daniel

Dr. Cameron Lippert, Chief Innovation Officer of ElectraMet in Lexington, Kentucky conducting a mock interview with senior Colin Soard in Ms. Daniel’s English IV course.

Alexandria Daniel, Administrator

On February 8, 2023, Ms. Daniel invited Dr. Cameron Lippert, Chief Innovation Officer of ElectraMet in Lexington, Kentucky to her classroom at Bourbon County High School to teach senior level English students about interviewing tips and tricks, resumes, and cover letters. At the beginning of the semester, Ms. Daniel’s English students requested to be connected with someone who could provide real-life interviewing scenarios and advice on resumes and cover letters they would craft later in the semester. Student cover letters and resumes were posted on the board and discussed in the context of what could prevent them from receiving an interview from a potential employer. To end the class, Dr. Lippert conducted mock interviews with the students based on what positions they wrote about in their resumes and cover letters. Overall, students felt this was a necessary component for their senior year curriculum, and stated they would be interested in him returning to answer more questions regarding life after graduation.


Later in the month on February 13th, Brooks Harper, author and motivational speaker, came to Bourbon County High School to provide students with a better understanding of how education and personal development plays key roles in the formula of their success. He spoke to Freshmen and Junior classes first and then Sophomore and Senior classes immediately after. Brooks takes a question as simple as “Why Should We Hire YOU?”, one of his books, to inspire students to passionate performance across all aspects of their life. Harper discussed similar ideas that Dr. Lippert had spoken of during mock interviews with Ms. Daniel’s senior level English class. For example, both speakers emphasized how every second of the interview is an interview–even simply walking through the door and interacting with receptionists! Both speakers were able to showcase how students should capitalize on what they do know versus what they don’t know about the position in which they are applying. With energy, enthusiasm, and heartfelt stories, Brooks was able to show students at Bourbon County High School how academic success, relationships, leadership opportunities, and digital citizenship impact their college and career options alongside their future earning potential. 


Related to out of this world opportunities that teachers in the Bourbon County district are providing for students, Mrs. Shauna Spencer’s 4th and 5th grade math class at North Middletown Elementary School were able to participate in a space room transformation during the first week of February. Students participated in collaborative Kagan groups about multiplication to escape the space room! Once students escaped, they were awarded with a certificate that certified them as an astronaut. 


Here’s a big thank you to the teachers and support staff in the Bourbon County district who look for opportunities to bring student interest and real-world experiences to our students. They truly are receiving an out of this world education!