Overview of March Madness


March Madness’ Logo for the 2023 tournament

Chris Hay, Staff Writer

Since 1939, March Madness has been the biggest tournament for college basketball. Its first tournament had eight teams, the winners were the Oregon Ducks. The tournament field grew to 16 teams in 1951, with Kentucky being the winner. In 1975, it grew to 32 teams, and the winner for that year was UCLA. Later in 1985, the tournament finally hit 64 teams, with Villanova winning the title. According to Bleacher Report, the tournament has become one of the most important times of the year, especially for college students. This year is sure to be no exception. 

March Madness began Tuesday, March 14th, with the first four (play-in) to advance to the tournament. Texas A&M-CC advanced to March Madness by defeating SEMO: 75-71. Pittsburg advanced to March Madness by defeating MS State: 60-59. On March 15th, FDU is heading to March Madness, defeating TX Southern, 84-61. Arizona State becomes the last team to advance to March Madness, defeating Nevada, 98-73. 

Bourbon County Student and Member of the Boy’s Basketball and Baseball teams, Colson Curtis, talked about March Madness starting up. “Kentucky’s run will end quickly. Kentucky will likely beat Providence, but lose in the second round against Kansas.” Colson stated on how Kentucky will do during this year’s March Madness tournament. “Northern Kentucky University has a chance to make a run like Saint Peter’s did last year. They have the team to do so, and with March Madness, anything is possible.” Colson stated which underrated team might have a great run. “Tennessee will most definitely win the National Title this year. They have a deep roster with great coaching experience. And overall, a great organization.” Colson lastly talked about who will win this year’s NCAA Champions.  


With that, March Madness is going to be great. Especially with all the possibilities of ‘underrated teams’ that could make it to the Sweet 16 or past.