Students’ Reactions to BCHS Musical, “Cyrano de Burgershack”


Cyrano wows the crowd with incredible singing and a wonderful soundtrack.

Breanna Rison , Staff Writer

The musical Cyrano de Burgershack was hosted by Bourbon County High School and was directed by Mr. Willoughby and Mrs. Poe. Cyrano de Burgershack was based on the french play Cyrano de Bergerac, which is about a man who is too scared to tell his best friend he’s in love with her because he is insecure about his abnormally large nose. Cyrano de Burgershack follows the same plot but has been modernized to better hold the attention of the audience. Students of Bourbon County High School and Middle School performed this version of the play to the public on the dates of March 7 – 11. They had been working on the production for roughly two months before performances. The performances went surprisingly well for such a short period of time to practice.

One of the actors, Grace Denninghoff, was interviewed. When asked how nervous she was, she answered, “I was nervous about how we were going to pull off such an elaborate production up until the very last dress rehearsal when I finally was able to see that it was going to go swimmingly.” “Prior to performing for the high school students, the entire cast was collectively terrified. We had no clue what to expect from the audience, and we would be performing in front of our peers. But the performance went better than we expected; the audience was mostly respectful by clapping and laughing when appropriate, and they gave us energy.” “My favorite part in the show was every time Christian would say ‘Sup, beautiful, I think I love you girl.’” she ended.

Kaylee Swafford, who was in the audience during the Friday afternoon performance for the high school, was asked how she felt the show turned out. Her response was, “I thought it was going to be not the best but it was actually really good, and it was a good laugh. For there not being that many actors, they really pulled it off with the switching of the different characters.” “I really liked the song about the turtles, as it was so beautiful. I would cry if someone sang that to me. Hot Todd had some really cool sunglasses that radiated his cool guy energy, and it was fun to watch him dance with Wanda.” she ended excitedly.

Overall, the play went really well, especially for the cast and crew. They weren’t expecting it to go so well, but everyone’s glad that it did. It’s really good to see that the audience really respected them and their time. They even enjoyed it and understood the humor that the cast was throwing at them. The cast did an amazing job and really worked well. The singing and song choice was incredible. It’s good to see bourbon county students really respecting and caring for their peers.