The Beast Attacks! Cody Rhodes Backlash Opponent


Brock Lesnar stands over a injured Cody Rhodes after brutal attack on Monday Night Raw.

Sawyer Kehn, Staff Writer

The end of WrestleMania came with a big surprise. After a spike from Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns managed to pin Cody Rhodes for the three count and retained his undisputed WWE Universal Title reign, “ending the story” for Cody. This shocked many fans because just the night before the Usos, Romans cousins and important members of the Bloodline, lost their titles to Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. Now that part of the Bloodline has lost its titles it left the future of the faction a big question mark.

On the Raw after Wrestlemania, Cody Rhodes confronted Roman Reigns about the match the night before, dead set on getting a rematch that night. Paul Heyman, Roman’s manager, was not too happy about this, telling Cody that he would never again get a shot at the titles while Roman was champion. Cody proposed that instead of having a one-on-one match they have a tag team match and if he and his partner won against Roman and Solo he would get another shot at the titles. Roman agreed with two catches; one Cody’s partner had to have had a match at Wrestlemania, second if they lost Cody and his partner would never get a shot at the titles again as long as he was champion. With a smug look on his face, Roman thought that no one would take the offer, he failed to account for the fact that Brock Lesnar, who had a match against Omas at Wrestlemania, already wasn’t allowed to challenge Roman for his titles again due to his loss at Summerslam the year before. Roman was scared as he, Solo, and Paul Haymen retreated into the locker room to prepare for the fight ahead.

The night went on with a bunch of matches happening, including popular influencer, Bad Bunny, getting slammed through the announcer’s desk by former tag teammate, Karrion Kross. The time approached and finally, the wrestlers entered the ring. They were all in the middle of the ring when out of nowhere, Brock attacked Cody with an onslaught of attacks including his signature F5, throwing him into the steel stairs, and beating him while he was down with a chair. Cody was unable to counter and had to take blow after blow from the Beast as the crowd watched in horror. Needless to say, on the next week of Raw, Cody had something to say to Brock.

Cody started by talking about how it was hard to return to work the night after being cut short right before achieving what he had wanted his whole life. Then after teaming up with Brock only to be betrayed and embarrassed live on TV then he goes on to say “If the question is posed to me, are you scared of Brock Lesnar? Yes, yes, I’d be crazy not to be scared of Brock Lesnar. But I still wanna fight Brock Lesnar.” He then went on to challenge Brock to a match at WWE Wrestlemania Backlash.

While this is a great showing by Rhodes, I feel as if it was just to keep Cody as a face and make it seem like he won’t sit down in the face of a stronger opponent, but stand up and fight. However, I believe that Brock Lesnar will still win this match in a convincing fashion. I predict that after a short 5 minutes, Brock will be able to make Cody Rhodes tap out and he will once again become the number one contender and Roman won’t be able to refuse Brock’s challenge. I believe that at Summerslam exactly one year after Brock lost to Roman in Nashville, he will get his revenge and become the undisputed Universal Champion.

Will Cody Rhodes be able to take down Brock Lesnar and be able to challenge Roman and be able to challenge him once again, or will Brock Lesnar continue his dominant career and once again stand at the top of the mountain? We will find out on Saturday, May 6th in San Juan, Puerto Rico.