The Other Side Of Steven Tyler


A photo of Steven Tyler at an event.

Kerah McCord, Staff Writer

Steven Tyler, 75, an American singer, was accused of sexually assaulting a minor. He denies the allegations and claims that it was consensual. 

These files of claims were made in the December 2022 lawsuits; arguments were that it was consensual in their relationship and he had immunity as her legal guardian at the time. Tyler asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed, citing 24 defenses denying allegations. Tyler at one point claims Julia Misley (who was known as Julia Holcolm “Has not suffered any injury or damage as a result of action by the defendant.” He notes “If she had been damaged, then these damages were not caused by the defendant. According to the court documents, Misley says Tyler “coerced and persuaded” and manipulated her into believing they were in a “love affair and romantic relationship” when she was 16 and he was 25. She doesn’t name him directly in the lawsuit, but she openly talks about her and Tyler’s relationship to the public over the years they were together. The singer admitted in one of his songs “Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?” referring to having a relationship with an unnamed underage girl. 

Matter of fact, in a book he reveals how he “almost took a teen as a bride” and it was because her parents loved him and signed papers over to him granting him  custody of her so he wouldn’t get arrested for taking her out of state. Experts say evidence from Tyler’s own memoir can be likely used against him in court. Misley speaking about their relationship of Tyler’s sexual abuse combined with his memoir is powerful evidence and juries may find it hard to dismiss.

Ann Olivarius, attorney, with McAllister Olivarius, represents survivors of sexual assault and harassment told Insider “We find that it does tend to be the most powerful men who wish to settle things, and they just don’t want this to go on.” 

Child abuse allegations, especially those that are decades old, can be hard to prove with lack of evidence to support and those allegations never make it to the courtroom let alone a trial. In most cases they are instead settled between both lawyer’s. However, Misley’s allegations are the makings of a convincing case.