Aaron Rodgers to The New York Jets


Aaron Rodgers on his new team, the New York Jets.

Chris Hay, Staff Writer

The Green Bay Packers have traded one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL History, Aaron Rodgers, a first-round selection (No. 15) and a fifth-round choice (No. 170) to gain a first-round selection (No. 13), a second-round pick (No. 42), a sixth-round selection (No. 207), and a conditional second-round choice in 2024 from the New York Jets. 

According to one of ESPN’s Staff Writers, Bill Barnwell, “It’s difficult to estimate the value of that compensatory pick, given that it’s tied to both the Jets performance and the chances of Rodgers playing 65% of the offensive snaps, but let’s try. I would guess Rodgers has a 75% chance of making it to that snap total, and the Jets win about 10 games next season. In that scenario, they would owe Green Bay something like the 22nd pick in a typical draft. Teams typically discount future picks by about a round, so you might instead choose to value this as something more like a 2023 second-rounder. There’s no right answer.” 

I interviewed Bourbon County High School Senior, Marcus Floyd about Aaron Rodgers and the Jets. The first question I asked was, “Does this impact the Jets in a good way or bad way?” Marcus answered, “In a good way because the New York Jets need a great quarterback to be something.” The second question I asked was “Is this a good trade for Aaron Rodgers?” Marcus replied, “Yes. It is a good trade because he has a fresh start with a new team and has better teammates.” The final question I asked was, “Should the Packers be worried about who they got in return?” Marcus answered, “Yes. The Packers didn’t receive anything close to as big of a value as Aaron Rodgers.” 

The addition of Aaron Rodgers also shows the Zach Wilson experiment failed. According to the NFL, Zach Wilson was the worst quarterback of the 2022/23 NFL season. His stats included 9 games | 54.5 pct | 1,688 pass yards | and 7.0 Yards Per Attempt. | 6 pass touchdowns | 7 interceptions thrown | 102 rushing yards | 1 rush touchdown | 1 fumble. By far the worst stats of any starting quarterback in the league. 

Jets fans have to be happy picking up Aaron Rodgers. Even though he’s 39 years old, he was one of the best quarterbacks last season- arguably the best quarterback.